About PBE

Aging is a natural part of life. Push Button Emergency Help is dedicated to keeping seniors safe without sacrificing their independence through the use of our medical alert alarm systems.

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We provide peace of mind for seniors and their care givers by giving them the ability to create a secure and happy environment. With advanced technology, friendly support staff and fast professional installation, you’ll sleep soundly at night knowing your mom can live safely in the privacy of her own home.

Founded in 2002, by Nelson LeRoy, Push Button Emergency Help stands committed to provide first class service and support that can help prevent falls and injuries through the use of our equipment and monitoring services. Nelson founded the company out of his sincere belief that aging is not a disease, but a part of life’s journey. With the proper aides and services, seniors can live happily and safely and need not give up their independence.

Ready to bring safety to your parents’ home? Give Nelson a call at 800-556-3572, send us an email or fill out the contact form.