Beyond Candy Crush: How the Internet Can Help Seniors Age in Place

It is tempting to think of the Internet as little more than the land of cat videos, but have you Elderly Using Internetever stopped to think about how important it can be in the lives of seniors wishing to “age in place?”

Studies show that 90% of seniors want to continuing to live at home for the next five to 10 years. However, the risks of leaving an older adult home can be a source of stress for the whole family. Fortunately, today’s technology can provide peace of mind for families and help elderly loved ones age independently.

Here are four ways the Internet can help seniors maintain their independence:

  1. Basic Needs Delivered to the Door: Driving, getting in and out of the car, and standing in line all become more of a challenge as we age. So, being able to fill prescriptions, order groceries, and shop for other needs online in comfort is a huge benefit. Pharmacies send email reminders for prescription refills. Online grocery stores allow you to set up recurring lists for easy reordering and if your loved one is not comfortable using the computer or going online, you can place the order for them.
  1. Maintaining Health: One key factor to extending time living at home is maintaining proper overall health. Many seniors have important daily health regimens including taking certain medications at certain times of the day; checking blood sugar levels; doing regular blood pressure monitoring; etc. There are mobile health tools available to help keep patients on track, such as “smart” pill bottles that know when you’ve taken your medication and sound an alarm when you have missed a pill. (By the way, PBE can provide medication reminders and dispensers.) Loved ones can also have their health questions answered quickly by doctors, pharmacists, and nurses via online chat.
  1. Meaningful Emotional Contact: Another essential element to staying independent, healthy, and happy as we age is keeping in touch with others. Feeling lonely can have a serious negative effect on our health. But having the chance to connect face-to-face by chat video with long distance grandchildren or friends definitely boosts morale. More and more seniors are becoming tech savvy enough to communicate using smartphones, tablets, or computers, but if your loved one needs initial training, help is available. The good people over at TechMoxie provide classes and coaching sessions for over-55 communities. Making visual communication readily available will be well worth the effort.
  1. Help in Emergencies: Caregivers are reasonably concerned about their loved ones falling while home alone. One out of three adults, age 65 and older, falls each year. A fall can be a major threat to independence resulting in serious injury and the need for hospitalization. Personal emergency response systems like the suite of products PBE provides allow users to quickly and easily call for help in an emergency. These personal safety devices connecting users to medical help using the Internet and GPS, provide peace of mind at the touch of a button.

Today’s seniors have many technological options available to help them continue to enjoy their independent and active lifestyles. The future looks bright. Are you ready to take your parents’ safety and independence to a new level? Contact PBE today.