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Tip of the week: Consider mental dexterity, not just mental effort.

Every September is Falls Prevention Awareness Month at PBE. This September we encourage you to consider the mental side of falls prevention (along with the physical side).

Our weekly tips will be all about ways to keep the brain active because an alert mind is better equipped to keep your body safe.

Truly improving your brain power to become more aware of your body and your physical  Meditation environment requires more than increasing mental exertion, it also requires having mental dexterity. Mental dexterity roughly means having the sharpness of mind to be able to think creatively and to express oneself quickly and easily.

The following activities increase mental dexterity:

  • Meditation: This doesn’t mean anything spooky, like being able to levitate or transcend space and time. It simply means to locate a quiet space where you can clear your mind for 10 minutes or more.
  • Learning a foreign language: Taking up a new language is guaranteed to give your brain a good workout. Children learn languages much more quickly than adults, so learning a new language is kind of like finding the Fountain of Youth for your brain.
  • Drawing, painting, and other crafts: These and other creative activities exercise the right side of your brain, which helps with problem solving. Creativity and intelligence are closely connected.

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