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Tip of the Week: Say Thanks with a Tip or Bonus.

November is a great month to be thankful. So this month, as the hustle and bustle of the holidays begin to pick up steam, PBE reminds you to take time out to thank all those who make your life and the life of your elderly loved ones more manageable.

Our tip blogs are all about unique ways to thank those who help us take care of the ones we love.

There are few more universal crowd-pleasing gifts than unexpected cold, hard cash. But while we are used to tipping hairdressers, taxi drivers, and waiters, we don’t always think about tipping our loved ones’ caregivers.

Here’s a handy quick guide for appropriate tips:

  • Housekeeper: A bonus of 50-100% of their usual fee along with a thank-you card or plate of cookies is a lovely gesture.
  • Dog-walker/pet-sitter: If you employ someone to look after your loved one’s dog or cat, show your appreciation for keeping the pet healthy and happy, when the family is unavailable to help out. The average tip falls between $35 and $60.
  • Senior Care Aide employed by agency: Make sure to check with the caregiver’s agency on their holiday tipping policy. If tips are not allowed, consider donating to a charity in your caregiver’s name or even giving directly to the agency itself.
  • Senior Care Aide employed by family: The standard etiquette for a caregiver employed by the family of an elderly person is to give one week’s salary as a holiday bonus. A gift card in that amount would also be appropriate.

Don’t forget to tip the ones who you appreciate the most during the season of thankfulness!

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