Tip of the week: Take a free online course.

Every September is Falls Prevention Awareness Month at PBE. This September we encourage you to consider the mental side of falls prevention (along with the physical side).

Our weekly tips will be all about ways to keep the brain active because an alert mind is better Elderly Brain Engagement equipped to keep your body safe.

Did you know that lifelong learning has benefits beyond being able to impress your friends and family with your ability to recite all of the US state capitals? Research shows that staying mentally active helps to prevent cognitive decline. And with all of the resources available on the Internet, it has never been easier for seniors and people of all ages to learn something new.

Why not take a free online course about something you’ve always wanted to learn? Senior Planet offers the following free courses (plus, hundreds of others):

  • Elementary French
  • Science & Cooking
  • Cars: Past, Present, and Future
  • An Introduction to Psychology

The courses are taught by instructors, experts, and professors from around the world. What an amazing value!

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