We are: Your Local Team in the Washington Metro Area

home-mapAlthough we boast a national customer base, PushButton Emergency Help is owned and operated out of the Washington, DC metro area. We live here and serve our local communities by providing safe and reliable medical monitoring systems for seniors.

  1. Dedicated to Helping Clients Live Safely At Home
    Our only business is Personal Emergency Response and Safety Services – we are the local experts. You can trust our medical monitoring system will ensure the safety of your parent while you are away.
  2. Referred by Scores of Local Professionals and Organizations
    Our medical monitoring equipment is recommended by leading business in the Washington, DC, area including:
    -Social Workers and Physical Therapists
    -Geriatric Care Managers
    -Home Health & Home Care Agencies
    -County and Non-Profit Agencies
    -Senior Centers
    -Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers
    -And more

Ready to bring safety to your parents’ home? Give us a call at 800-556-3572, send us an email or fill out the contact form.

We have:

  1. A Reputation for exceptional customer service since 2002
  2. Serviced thousands of Washington Metro Area clients, including Virginia and Maryland residents
  3. Affordable Pricing
    We are committed to making safety affordable and offer a variety of options for a medical alert monitor and other safety equipment.
  4. A “ONE PLUS ONE” Service Pledge: Make One Call & One Day to Install
    When needed, we will install your medical monitoring system within 24 hours. Setup takes 30 to 45 minutes. We want your parent safe at home after a fall or incident as quickly as you do.
  5. Easy To Use Systems
    With our medical alert monitoring, the simple push of a button summons help.
  6. Advanced Technology
    Our medical monitoring equipment looks simple, but that simplicity masks cutting edge technology. For example, if you have given up traditional telephone service we have a solution; Talking Pendants; GPS systems; Voice Extender
  7. The Most Comprehensive Service Offerings
    We offer a variety of medical alert monitor systems including:
    -Emergency Response
    -Wellness Check-In
    -Paramedic Key Lockbox
    -Off-Hook Protection for Phones
    -And More
  8. Medication Reminders and Assistance
    Medication non-compliance is one of the leading causes of falls in the senior population. We offer medication reminders and assistance, along with affordable medication dispensers. Both help you take your medications properly and on time. We have a Fall Detector device to protect against sudden unconsciousness – it sends a signal all by itself.

Ready to bring safety to your parents’ home? Give us a call at 800-556-3572, send us an email or fill out the contact form.